Sunday, October 26, 2008

[Secrect] Sun and Moon

[ my writing will be updated soon! ]

'sun and moon' on T-shirt

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

[Secrect] About My Blog Title

I want to spend my first entry to tell a story about my blog title.

My first idea came to me when I had accidentally read a article about the recent events of the world. I saw there were wars now happening in the Middle-East, races of future weapons of developed countries, the Terrorism, deaths, and unsafe situation that could be able to be. However, we still go on, and step into the new century with technologies which didn't exist several decades ago, entertaining industry developing rapidly, and discovery and search for new planets in the far far away galaxies outer space. The world we're living nowadays is called 'Atom world'.

'To Atom' is about what we see and hear nowadays on the streets, TV, press, Internet and so on. They can be posters, billboards, movies,... and whatever is considered as communication.

I intended to use the light-line to represent for the speed. You can see that those lines are curved, and the text I used is really blocked, and technical like scripts in programming. And around the text is the negative space to make it brought out the background and to attract the viewers' eyes.

It didn't take me too much time to make the blog banner. I used Photoshop program to adjust photos, I took, and make everything. You can see and imagine that it's not difficult to make it.