Sunday, November 23, 2008

[Secret] sik

This is what I made after I had learned about Design elements and Typography. My inspiration came from my name and what I think about my life; redness, sickness, and my own chaos.

I intended to use contrast colors to make the word stand out the background; 'Sik'. It means 'I'm terribly sick of what I have now'. All I tried was to make this organic, more human, and hand writing. 'Cause I believe that can show my characteristic and my emotional, something more personal.

I didn't use any type face for 'Sik'. In details, it was made by brush tool in Photoshop and my hand writing. You may think it insane and it might be not the way every professional designer do now.

I don't clearly know how to explain why I did this. Maybe I will leave the rest for you to judge.

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